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Elias M. Stein Prize for New Perspectives in Analysis

Elias Stein
Elias Stein
Image courtesy of William Crow/Princeton University
The Elias M. Stein Prize for New Perspectives in Analysis is awarded for the development of groundbreaking methods in analysis which demonstrate promise to revitalize established areas or create new opportunities for mathematical discovery. The current prize amount is US$5,000 and the prize is awarded every three years for work published in the preceding six years.

About this Prize

This prize was endowed in 2022 by students, colleagues, and friends of Elias M. Stein to honor his remarkable legacy in the area of mathematical analysis. Stein is remembered for identifying many deep principles and methods which transcend their original context, and for opening entirely new areas of research which captivated the attention and imagination of generations of analysts. This prize seeks to recognize mathematicians at any career stage who, like Stein, have found exciting new avenues for mathematical exploration in subjects old or new or made deep insights which demonstrate promise to reshape thinking across areas.

Most Recent Prize: 2024

The inaugural 2024 Elias M. Stein Prize for New Perspectives in Analysis is awarded jointly to Marcel Filoche and Svitlana Mayboroda for their original, powerful, elegant and impactful theory of the "localization landscape."

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Next Prize:  January 2027

Nomination Period:  February 1–June 30, 2026

Nomination Procedure:  Nominations can be submitted between February 1 and June 30. Nominations should include a letter of nomination and a brief citation to be used in the event that the nomination is successful. For questions about this award please contact the AMS Secretary at

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